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As a photographer and visual artist, I've been taught to pursue the ideal of beauty as epitomized by perfection and flawlessness of form, composition, and the gestalt - or wholeness of the sum total of an art piece or a photographic image. It was only later in my life that I have found passion and deep fulfillment in capturing beauty in the so-called 'imperfection.’
Today, the goal of my creative process is to reveal this beauty, especially when its existence may not be immediately obvious. My original influence had arisen from my life experiences in post-communist Poland and urban Chicago, where beauty abounds but is often obscured by a sense of ubiquitous and overwhelming imperfection.
Through my images, I try to contemplate the subject intensely and intimately in an attempt to identify and explore the beauty in imperfection. I strongly believe that, if we look closely enough, we will always see new possibilities and potentialities, even in life’s most challenging times and in the most improbable locations. 
As a Zurich-based photographer, I enjoy spending my time wandering through consignment stores imagining how to bring new life to disposed of objects and walking through botanic gardens after the first winter freeze. I also love taking day trips to Milan and breath in visual inspiration in the latest fashion trends, sip on a rich espresso and taste the Italian 'dolce vita.'  Wherever my photography may be taking me at any given moment, I always try to keep my eyes open for those hidden moments of beauty in imperfection.
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